Peninisula Mines Ltd – Desert Energy

Peninsula Mines (ASX Code PSM) is an Australian listed exploration company developing outstanding opportunities for mineral discovery within South Korea. Peninsula’s strategy is to focus on mineral commodities which have a positive price outlook and potential off-take in-country. Australia has massive potential for desert energy innovation.

Research and development in the field of desert cooling insulation in the form of concrete formliners by CustomRock used to protect mining installations from desert heat and night cool heat transfers and desert rejuvenation through environmental renovation with plant and tree cover.

Mining Services Update 2020

We can now provide FIFO air services for mining companies through BlueSkyAirways

Welcome to Peninsula Mines

“growing a portfolio of  highly prospective graphite, lithium, gold and polymetallic projects in South Korea”




Each service provided by us is carried out in accordance with local legislation with a priority on safety and an aim to maximise performance with each endeavour. As the company is licensed to provide their services in a range of locations across the country; their services can be utilised to assist government agencies, authorities, management bodies and even private agencies in need of energy sourcing.

Drilling solutions

Although our drilling services have been providing their services professionally for three decades, their actual experience stretches to half a century – with their earliest practices catering to drilling bore holes for mineral deposits around the country. It’s this sheer level of drilling expertise that allows them to explore and locate minerals from a range of ground depths; and in a rapid time that won’t detract from the quality of their services.

Oil and gas drilling services

With services including well maintenance, CSG drilling and location scouting; the agency are able to look after a host of requirements and in a range of environments. From boring for coal right through to drilling for natural gas and accessing the deepest oil deposits; there is a reason why Silver City Drilling is considered one of the most reliable mining agencies in the country – and that’s the sheer quality and flexibility of their services.

All EPA spill management, bunding and chemical absorbent used for environmental protection and workplace safety provided by Stratex. Desert Energy is a sustainable energy efficient company fully complying with all ESD Reports – issued by PassivEnergy

Liquid Waste Management

Liquid waste management goes beyond collection and recycling. Liquimech helps our business identify and implement systems to reuse our liquid waste before collection and processing, such as reclaiming waste rinse water for other uses within your site before recycling.


EPA Regulations in Australia

Liquid waste standpipes and liquid waste management regulations.


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