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The Benefits of Artificial Grass & Ground Cover Plants

It looks great, it’s incredibly easy to maintain, and it’s very affordable – but just how beneficial can artificial grass be when compared to the real deal? As far as multi-purpose aesthetic materials go, synthetic grass is certainly at the top of the list, and not just because of the above points either. Let’s really get to know what makes this type of grass such a major benefit for home owners all around the world.


We’ve all been there, or at least witnessed it – and that’s the appearance of grass as it begins to die during those colder seasons. Even the most professionally designed garden can begin to suffer as the grass takes a turn for the worst. Although grass will almost certainly grow back come the summer months – it’s not uncommon for irreparable damage to occur when the grass blades are at their weakest. This is something that artificial grass doesn’t suffer with; in fact, it will maintain its shape and colour all year long – without so much as a drop of water needed!


Forget about mowing, trimming and shaping – synthetic grass comes ready cut to size and shape, meaning that all that you need to do is lay it down in strips, and you can sit back as time goes by. This all but eliminates the need for a lawn mower, and you can say goodbye to your grass clippers too. The only type of maintenance that you can expect to perform on your synthetic blades is a water-down from time to time, just to keep the dirt from building up.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that artificial grass is any less comfortable than real grass, and the truth is that it can be just as pleasant to sit on as the real thing. Modern techniques mean that each blade can be shaped and cut from soft, durable materials, and this means that any garden area can be ideal for picnics, events and children’s enjoyment all year round. The same can’t be said for real grass unfortunately – especially during wetter seasons where the combination of grass and mud can become a nightmare to wash out of clothes.


Although real grass seeds are fairly cheap to buy, the costs can soon mount up as more and more seeds are required to create a consistent surface. Planting grass seeds doesn’t guarantee that they will grow, let alone grow as uniformly as you’d like. Artificial grass cuts out that risk entirely, and as you can purchase it in strips that have been ready cut to suit gardens of all sizes, you can simply take measurements, purchase a few rolls, and then lay them out flat – all within the space of a weekend.

The best way to really get to know the benefits of an artificial lawn, is to pick up a few rolls and try them for yourself. They are hard-wearing, reliable and can last for years and years without even the faintest sign of damage! If you’re looking for a supplier, then check out Tree Planting & Ground Cover Plants | Design, Supply & Install at Planted Passion today.